Remote Memory Card Recovery Services

Disk Doctors remote data recovery service provides a fast and affordable solution to regain lost data when data has become inaccessible due to some logical corruption but physical workings of data storage device is not compromised.

  • Get immediate attention & receive instant support
  • Your data storage never leaves your premises
  • Save on shipping cost
  • Save days wasted during shipping process
  • Recovery process could be commenced in minutes
  • Get results in hours

Remote Recovery Agent

Online Memory Card / Memory Stick Recovery Service

Disk Doctors Remote Data Recovery provides a cost-effective, secure, fast and convenient service to address variety of data loss situations for memory cards and memory sticks

We can securely access your computer over the internet, and recover your files quickly – from corrupt memory cards or memory sticks.

It is not required to send your device to our lab. In most cases, we can regain your files that very same day. Our remote recovery service is the fastest way to recover your data and save an average of two to four days on shipping time.

When remote recovery is possible?

When a data storage device is in working condition, but one can’t access data for some other unknown reasons. If it sounds like your state of affairs, then remote data recovery option could be a possible remedy to address such a challenge.

What Can We Recover?

We can remotely recover a data storage (drive, RAID array, memory card or stick) when any of the following situations match your case…

  • inaccessible memory cards
  • inaccessible memory sticks
  • inaccessible card / stick prompting for reformatting
  • accidentally formatted or reformatted memory card or stick
  • logical corruption has rendered a partition in-accessible
  • inaccessible partition prompts for reformatting

Get your data back, NOW!

To get immediate help and to find out whether remote recovery is an option for you, please call us at…

For immediate consultation

Submit your case so that we can send you the step by step guidelines how to connect with our remote recovery team members and get your photos / files back.

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